Dr. Ehsan Hoque Honored with “Humanitarian Award” by BMANA-CA


California, USA: Dr. Ehsan Hoque, Founder and Executive Director of Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI), was awarded the Humanitarian Award by Bangladesh Medical Association of North America (BMANA)-CA in recognition of his outstanding contributions to humanity. Dr. Aboo Nasar Shumon, President of BMANA-CA presented the award to Dr. Hoque at a ceremony during the annual meeting of BMANA-CA in Lake Tahoe, NV on March 18, 2017.

“Dr. Ehsan Hoque is a truly amazing humanitarian. Volunteerism and community service have been an integral part of his life for the past three decades. He has dedicated his life to helping thousands of children and their families in Bangladesh. He has also involved hundreds of local youths in volunteerism and encouraged their leadership potential. The model he developed, ‘Children helping Children,’ is really unique. We are so proud of his achievements and grateful for his gifts to humanity,” said Dr. Aboo Nasar.

“Because of Dr. Hoque’s extraordinary commitment, compassion and leadership, thousands of Bangladeshi children are able to go to school, have healthcare and hope for a better future. He has consistently demonstrated extraordinary acts of selflessness.” said Dr. Hafis Ahsan, President BMANA.

Upon being honored with the award, Dr. Ehsan Hoque said, “I am truly humbled to receive this award. Certainly this recognition will motivate and inspire our whole team and will give us the power to continue our difficult and challenging mission. DCI is grateful to the many Bangladeshi doctors who have supported our mission over the years and made DCI’s work in Bangladesh possible. I dedicate this award to all the children for whom we are working, along with the wonderful volunteers and supporters of our mission. What they have helped DCI achieve is immeasurable and simply amazing!

“Young girls whose lives may have been defined by poverty and prostitution without our help are now safe, receiving an education and learning how to sing and dance. Boys who would have been working in unsafe factories are playing cricket and learning to do math! These are the changes we are making on a daily basis, one child at a time. We are proud to say that DCI has established a stable and transparent support system and is helping thousands of underprivileged children on the path to a better life.”

Dr. Ehsan Hoque founded DCI in 2003 at Yale University in the United States with a mission against poverty, hunger, child labor and preventable blindness. The organization is dedicated to promoting child rights and improving the health and welfare of underprivileged children. The organization has two missions: first, to work for the rights of underprivileged children and second, to involve youth, both in the U.S., Bangladesh and India, as volunteers in the organization’s activities. Through his outstanding leadership, DCI has expanded significantly in the past 14 years and currently supports development initiatives in partnership with organizations in four countries — Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Nicaragua.

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